About Life-Navigation and Mr. Pritz Dulay's views on "One World - One People"

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Stuart Edwards, PZ Publishing (UK)
“An ethereal experience designed to regenerate one's life energies in ways that could only be possible in such a unique and tranquil setting as Iceland.”
Paul Woodsmith, Square Mile (UK)
"My week on the Life-Navigation course had a profound effect on me, as did the breathtaking backdrop that Iceland provides. All in all, a pretty formidable combination."
Ulla Magnusson, Director of SOS Children’s Villages in Iceland
“I use Life-Navigation to help me orientate myself along life’s path and find that the combination of one-on-one and workshop sessions really help me focus.”
Edda Magnusdottir AGA Member of Linde GAS Group
"I have often found myself following Life-Navigation’s methodology to get me through a situation. It really works.”
Hansina B Einarsdóttir, Manager of Hotel Glymur
“The seminars provided simple, useful tools for improving quality of life and general personal environment – I continue to use them on daily basis.”